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Lahsen & Cía. Abogados, provides highly specialized legal services in construction and engineering matters, with a consultancy of excellence, which is punctual and focused on the results of our business clients.
Since its creation in 2006, Lahsen & Cía has distinguished itself in the comprehensive legal administration of more than 350 infrastructure projects. These projects include public and private, from the bidding phase, to construction, reception, warranty periods, liquidation or settlements, operation and litigation derived therefrom, with a special focus on conflict avoidance while assuring that projects finish in a timely manner and within budget.
We have provided legal assitance on projects related to roads, dams, aerodromes, airports, ports, and various public infrastructures, energy, health, commercial, sports and cultural events.
Our work ethic integrates multidisciplinary teams who work closely with the client. We are characterized as having extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of all the problems associated with infrastructure projects, within the sector, its related regulations and different actors involved.
We are members of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), the DRBF (Dispute resolution Board Foundation) and various construction law societies.


degree in legal and social sciences
University of Chile (1994)

Lawyer at the University of Chile, with more than 20 years of professional practice, extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of all the problems associated with infrastructure projects, both private and public, traditional or concession, counting on extensive Knowledge of the sector, its regulation and the different actors involved. He has important postgraduate studies in matters of administrative law, business law and economic matters.

In the last ten years has been distinguished in the comprehensive legal administration of more than 300 infrastructure projects, both public and private, from the bidding phase, construction, warranty period, liquidation or settlement, operation and litigation Derivatives of the same, associated with a total investment of more than US $4 billion, in contracts of diverse nature, as a series of unit prices, lump sum, payment against reception, EPC, EPCM, BOT and the various modalities of contracts FIDIC and NEC3. <

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LAHSEN & CIA COACHING, is a division of LAHSEN and CIA. Abogados, aimed at training, training and instructing work professionals and technical teams of construction companies of all kinds of infrastructure, in the development of competencies and legal-administrative skills, soft techniques and skills, with You are looking to obtain a more efficient, efficient and comprehensive contract management.
We are convinced that work teams more empowered in knowledge and capacities to lead, adapt and communicate effectively can contribute directly to obtaining optimal economic results, as well as making a difference in a Increasingly competitive, regulated and globalized market.
Our thorough knowledge of the infrastructure business and of the different actors involved in public and private projects, is based on the valuable experience that Lahsen and Cia. Abogados has acquired, in the last ten years, the comprehensive legal administration of more than 350 infrastructure contracts, advising our clients on a permanent basis, from the award of the contract to its winding-up, as well as In the disputes arising therefrom, both in administrative, counterlora, judicial and arbitral instances.
To achieve the objectives proposed, we have a team of excellence, formed by lawyers and psychologists with proven experience of more than 15 years in the field, which allows to guarantee the seriousness and quality of our specialized services of training .
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